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Most Downloaded TV-Shows via BitTorrent

Apparently, TV shows are in greatest demand on torrents, proving people just like watching them on their own scheduled time and certainly don’t like having to wait till those shows make it to their country.

The most fervent TV-series downloaders are non-U.S file sharers and as many as 96%, TorrentFreak reported last week. Such a tendency towards this type of downloads ows much to the delays.

Sometimes TV-series fans outside U.S get to watch their favorite shows in their country only weeks or even months after they’ve been initially broadcasted. The fact was, however taken into consideration and reportedly Fox will have Jack Bauer’s “24″ air at the same time in the US and Germany.

Below we offer a list (compiled by TorrentFreak) of last week’s most downloaded TV-shows on BitTorrent:

Top Downloads September 7 – September 14

Ranking (last week) TV-show
1 (1) Prison Break
2 (new) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
3 (new) Entourage
4 (back) Weeds
5 (2) Gossip Girl
6 (new) Fringe
7 (new) True Blood
8 (4) Stargate Atlantis
9 (6) One Tree Hill
10 (5) 90210