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Netflix First, BitTorrent After

Netflix First, BitTorrent AfterA recent statement from Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos reveals that legal alternatives for movie enthusiasts are the best way to fight against online piracy. Why? Let’s see…

In an interview with Stuff, the man who’s been the head (for 13 years) of Netflix’s content acquisition department said that:

“I think people do want a great experience and they want access – people are mostly honest. The best way to combat piracy isn’t legislatively or criminally but by giving good options.”

“One of the things is we get ISPs to publicise their connection speeds – and when we launch in a territory the Bittorrent traffic drops as the Netflix traffic grows,” Sarandos continued.

However, it’s already common knowledge that not all of BitTorrent’s activity is about piracy; Netflix’s growth in traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that people stopped from downloading their favorite movies or TV shows, but at least a healthy percent chose legal services over illegal ones.

“The key thing is that BitTorrent is a Internet protocol, like HTTP. It moves data better than any other protocol. It’s an award winning technology used by Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, Blizzard, genetic researchers and the scientists that are working on the Large Haldron Collider. Any company moving large data sets uses BitTorrent,” Christian Averill (Director of Communications at BitTorrent) told Josh Wolford of the WebProNews.

While people are free to download and upload both legal and illegal content via peer-to-peer, it becomes more and more obvious that Netflix and services alike make a valid point: give people what they want, when they want it (and this is probably the most important aspect of it), and everyone will be happier, including rightsholders.

Take the example of the HBO-produced TV series “Game of Thrones”. For two years in a row, the show had broken several records on BitTorrent’s networks, not because people were looking for illegal copies of it in particular, but because the different timelines of availability or the lack of it altogether. But this may change, as requests from thousands of people made the pearl of all premium cable services consider launching a movie streaming service without the strings of having cable subscription.

“One of the side effects of growth of content is an expectation to have access to it. You can’t use the internet as a marketing vehicle and then not as a delivery vehicle,” Sarandos concluded.

Maybe if content owners, creators, and all those anti-piracy activists would understand that, things would be easier and this unnecessary war against online piracy would finally come to an end or at least to a common ground.

TV and Film Industries Going the Same Path as Music Industry

The TV and Film Industries Going the Same Path as Music IndustryFor over a decade the music industry has engaged in a fierce battle against Internet piracy and not only is the war far from being over but so far it didn’t favor it too much.

Now the TV industry finds itself in the same situation and although the approach the music industry had toward file sharing didn’t prove to be very efficient it looks like it is going to be adopted by the TV and movie studios as well.

According to Eric Garland, CEO of BigChampagne, a marketing research company focused on file-sharing networks, piracy of TV shows is rapidly increasing exceeding even that of movies and music. Garland estimates there are more than 60 million Internet users worldwide involved in pirating content.

While the conviction of the four men behind The Pirate Bay caused quite a cheering in the MPAA and TV studios’ camp, Garland reminds them that back in 1999 when Napster was put to sleep everyone sighed in relief as well. And look where we are today with the file sharing in its prime – “Everyone always gets excited, and six months later we are back where we started and the problem will have grown,” he emphasized.

But things may be not so bleak for the TV industry, it pretty much depends on the perspective they choose – as TorrentFreak points out more than 90 % TV shows piracy come from outside the United States, where new episodes sometimes wait for up to a year to be aired on TV in those countries. Moreover, another thing to be considered is that piracy of TV shows could very well mean that customers are not satisfied anymore with the way they are offered some services and that has to change – as the same site highlights “it’s more about availability than the fact that it’s free, and should be viewed as an opportunity, not a threat. The more restrictions there are, the more piracy there is. It’s as simple as that.” But is the TV industry ready to acknowledge and accept that. After all, it took music industry ten years of legal battles and… it still didn’t.

Top 10 Downloaded Movies and TV shows for the Week Ended Oct. 5 in U.S.

We present you below charts Bloomberg has posted featuring the top 10 downloaded films and television programming for the week ended October 5. The downloads ranking is done by Video Business Online.

Rank Title Label/Dist. SRP
1 Sex And The City Movie NL $19.95
2 Speed Racer WB 19.95
3 Harold & Kumar: Guantanamo NL 19.95
4 Iron Man PAR 14.95
5 Another Cinderella Story WB 19.95
6 Lost Boys: The Tribe WB 19.95
7 Run Fatboy Run WB 19.95
8 10,000 B.C. WB 19.95
9 Dark City NL 7.95
10 What Happens In Vegas FOX 19.95

Source: Cinemanow, Offers Content From All Major Studios.

Rank Title Label/Dist. SRP
1 Iron Man PAR $14.99
2 Forgetting Sarah Marshall UNI 14.99
3 Sex And The City Movie NL 14.99
4 Baby Mama UNI 14.99
5 The Love Guru PAR 14.99
6 Made Of Honor SONY 14.99
7 Another Cinderella Story WB 14.99
8 Godfather: Coppola PAR 9.99
9 What Happens In Vegas FOX 14.99
10 88 Minutes SONY 14.99

Source: Itunes, Offers New Release And Catalog Content
From Buena Vista And Catalog Content From Paramount,
Lionsgate And MGM.

Rank Title Label/Dist. SRP
1 Iron Man PAR $14.99
2 Forgetting Sarah Marshall UNI 15.99
3 Sex And The City Movie: Ext NL 15.99
4 The Forbidden Kingdom LG 14.99
5 Leatherheads UNI 14.99
6 The Love Guru PAR 14.99
7 The Invincible Iron Man LG 9.99
8 Deception FOX 14.99
9 88 Minutes SONY 14.99
10 Speed Racer WB 19.99

Source: Movielink, Offers Content From All Major Studios
Except Buena Vista.

BV: Buena Vista
DIS: Disney
DW: DreamWorks
LG: Lions Gate Entertainment
NL: New Line Cinema
PAR: Paramount
UNI: Universal
WB: Warner Bros

Most Downloaded TV-Shows via BitTorrent

Apparently, TV shows are in greatest demand on torrents, proving people just like watching them on their own scheduled time and certainly don’t like having to wait till those shows make it to their country.

The most fervent TV-series downloaders are non-U.S file sharers and as many as 96%, TorrentFreak reported last week. Such a tendency towards this type of downloads ows much to the delays.

Sometimes TV-series fans outside U.S get to watch their favorite shows in their country only weeks or even months after they’ve been initially broadcasted. The fact was, however taken into consideration and reportedly Fox will have Jack Bauer’s “24″ air at the same time in the US and Germany.

Below we offer a list (compiled by TorrentFreak) of last week’s most downloaded TV-shows on BitTorrent:

Top Downloads September 7 – September 14

Ranking (last week) TV-show
1 (1) Prison Break
2 (new) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
3 (new) Entourage
4 (back) Weeds
5 (2) Gossip Girl
6 (new) Fringe
7 (new) True Blood
8 (4) Stargate Atlantis
9 (6) One Tree Hill
10 (5) 90210

TV Shows Scheduled This Fall Already Available on P2P Networks

Although this summer’s TV season has just taken off, pilot episodes of TV programs planned for this fall have already started to circulate on the peer-to-peer networks. File sharers are already voicing opinions about shows whose titles are not yet finalized.

We’ll present you with an overview of pilots (that have been made available via p2p), first impressions coming from file sharers and brief show summaries collected by NewTeeVee; (The links direct you to the websites of the TV networks where you can get more information on the TV show in question).

Do Not Disturb aka The Inn: producers haven’t made their mind about the title of this “hilarious workplace comedy set at one of New York City’s hottest and hippest hotels” but apparently FOX intends to premiere the program this fall. Jason Bateman is the director of the pilot which found its way to the p2p networks on June 20. If we believe file sharers the show is rather disappointing.

Fringe: this is a FOX SF show from J.J. Abrams which is scheduled on September 9. TV fans first had the chance (thanks, of course to a leak) to watch the pilot on June 14 and they seemed pretty thrilled with it.

True Blood: Taken from HBO.com, this fall we’re in for some new drama focused on “a group of vampires who settle in a small town in Louisiana”. The TV networks plans to launch it on 9 next month. The pilot episode of the show didn’t impress the exigent file sharing audience rather mocking True Blood.

Leverage: A new TNT program whose air date was not revealed and which deals with “a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods”. The recently leaked pilot (a few days ago) received flattering reviews from file sharers.

Raising the Bar: As TNT presents it, the show is an outlook into the “the lives and cases of young lawyers who have been friends since law school”, to be premiered in September. Not so many commentaries on the pilot (leaked on 06/21) but one is pretty obvious: “Just what we need, another legal drama.”

Pretty Handsome: is an upcoming FX show whose protagonist is a family guy who finds out that he is transsexual. The air date remains unknown but the pilot “got out” on June 20 and received both good and bad reviews (the latter in the form of homophobic reactions).