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Check Out What Private Trackers are Open for Registration at Opentracker.us

For those of you for whom p2p and file sharing means a bit more than occasionally downloading a music album or a movie and who can appreciate a great BitTorrent tracker and the opportunity presented by niche torrent indexers and solid p2p communities, here comes a website you may want to have a close look at – Opentracker.us.

While still under polishing (it may seem a bit crowded), the site hits you right away as an excellent source of information related to the world of file sharing. Opentracker.us abounds in data about torrenting/p2p. It offers comprehensive lists of torrent trackers specifying which are open for sign-ups, their rankings, genre, country, etc.

The site itself doesn’t host any content but it provides users with lots of useful links to both private trackers where you can search and download the files you want and relevant blogs for new signups, invites, giveaways and torrent news.

Currently, Opentracker.us lists 259 trackers and from what the founder of the site told P2PON, it will be regularly updated and improved.

File Sharers Adapt. How?

A recent report (PDF) by DtecNet, a firm that recommends itself as “ a market leader in supplying our customers with specialized software solutions to track and prevent piracy on their digital content and online business,” says that transfers through the Bit Torrent protocol dropped almost 80% after TPB’s Swedish ISP cut off its bandwidth forced by legal orders.

According to the same study the solution by most adopted by users was finding other BitTorrent “tracker” sites to provide for their p2p needs. The leading names appear as follows – OpenBitTorrent, Denis Stalker, tracker.publicbt.com and pow7.com – which the report says, “now comprise nearly 70 percent of all BitTorrent traffic.” It seems that the Pirate Bay played an important role in promoting this solution – it brought changes to its software so it would be able to track files via OpenBitTorrent.


From the report:

“Note that after the shutdown, users did not migrate to other peer-to-peer protocols such as Ares, Gnutella and eDonkey, whose traffic remained relatively unchanged. Instead, file traders remained on BitTorrent, and over time, infringements through that network began to rise again as new trackers became available. As those shifts continue, BitTorrent traffic is expected to soon return to levels seen before the Pirate Bay shutdown.”


I guess this report is not exactly to the liking of the entertainment industry but, on another side, if you think about it for a second, it serves the interests of such anti-piracy company for which fear of the overwhelming illegal file sharing from the movie and record companies is, ultimately, good for business.

“Though such concentration of traffic would appear to present yet another enforcement opportunity, similar to the Pirate Bay shutdown, it will be more difficult as BitTorrent technologists continue to adapt. Torrent sites now point to multiple trackers, so if one is disconnected or overwhelmed by traffic, pirates can still find the files they seek without stopping to find another tracker,” the report states.

Tracker Chat & Invites Site Open for Registration


Since it’s been a while since we reported about a tracker invite forum here’s one with potential and currently open for sign ups. Called Take The Invite (or TakeMe), this is a Romanian torrent board recently emerged on the p2p landscape which could have a good future in the file sharing community. Worry not because the language used on TakeMe is English and there’s also an international area on the site.The maximum user limit it set is 2,000 and it features Requests, Invite Giveaways, Account Giveaways, Credit / Rep System, VIP / Hidden Forums and Tracker Recruitment.


Each new member is required a minimum of 30 posts before he or she has access to the Invite Giveaway & Requests (TakeInvite) forum areas.

Note: Although non-members have limited access to the board some public areas are available for preview without registration.

Register here

Join a New Great Jazz Community Tracker – Vibes.fm

join-a-new-great-jazz-community-tracker-vibesfmA new very interesting music torrent tracker has emerged on the BitTorrent scene. Its name is Vibes.fm and it’s dedicated exclusively to one genre – Jazz. Vibes.fm is great from multiple reasons, one would be the fact that it is self-billed as a community tracker for Jazz lovers who want to share this genre but also engage in discussions about it. This is a small community who is happy to remain this way -signups will only be open for 500 members plus another 500 allowable members based on invites and recruitment – “We intend to have a very small user base; at the moment, we are open for signups and encourage all members who will be active participants to join.”

Another thing likely appealable to users is the lack of rigorous ratio rules: “We have a ratio system, but it honestly doesn’t matter to the staff members.”

All users are allowed to upload files as long as they respect tracker guidelines regarding upload protocol.

We revel in the global jazz scene, and encourage our community to share that with others that would otherwise not have access to local acts that enjoy local celebrity. We are all about jazz, and we see our users as being as valuable as our SysOp.

You can sign up here (unless it’s not too late):


You can also contact Vibes.fm on the following IRC:


Music Industry Smiles while Torrent Trackers Give in: Is This an Early Celebration

Following the verdict announcement in the Pirate Bay case some private trackers have said hurriedly said goodbye to the p2p scene. One example is NordicBits based in the country that has grabbed the media attention over the last months, Sweden. The site now reads: “We have to shut down the site now due all circumstances. We don.t have time to do anything to the code, we don.t have interest to it, we don.t have any more money and the biggest reason is The Pirate Bay info.”

The record labels are already celebrating the success of their anti-piracy lawsuits campaign considering these latest reports as a confirmation that they were right once again and that The Pirate Bay made a really good choice for setting an example.

There are a lot more trackers that will be closing their doors as reported by torrentfreak.

The internet is swarming with posts and articles denouncing the entertainment industry’s belief that the aforementioned trial and four individuals sent to jail will make a difference as false and even stupid. In several previous posts we emphasized that enough as well. And there are some other factors to be taken into consideration – services such as MegaUpload, and even Usenet (through providers like Giganews and UseNeXT) are gaining more and more ground.

music-industry-smiles-while-torrent-trackers-give-in-is-this-an-early-celebrationThere are too many examples of file sharing services and websites shut down with trumpet blast to even mention them here (well…ok…starting with Napster, Oink, Grokster, ShareReactor and many others) and here is file sharing still standing and more popular than ever.

So, how long till the record industry finally figures out that in this story once the genie is out of the bottle you’d better find a way to work with it and befriend with it cause it will never ever get back in again.