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Police Arrests 6 in File Sharing Raid in Greece

Raids focusing on operators running file sharing websites have multiplied lately in European countries other than the ‘usual’ UK, France or Italy. Greece saw this week a major arrest related to one of the largest torrent sites in the country – six people have been detained for facilitating online copyright infringement.

The site in question is gamato.info and the operators’ homes were raided on Tuesday y in Athens and three other towns.

The arrest follows a lawsuit which a Greek copyright protection group had filled against gamato’s admins.

Premiere in FileSharing World: First Magnet-Only Torrent Index!

The decision of popular file sharing site The Pirate Bay to adopt the idea of including magnet links on their site has recently become the main subject of debate among the IT community. With The Pirate Bay having made the first step in this direction, various BitTorrent clients followed through and started to add support for these types of links as well; some even took the concept to the next level and introduced Internet’s first “magnet-only” torrent index.

The Pirate Bay’s metamorphosis began last November, when the website announced the closing down of its tracker and the integration of magnet links. Soon after that, several torrent clients such as BitComet and Transmission hurried to be among the first to provide support for these new types of links.

Even though magnet links are very reliable, BitTorrent is not able to completely switch to using them at present, due to the crucial information contained by the .torrent files, information required to initiate the download. However, a torrent site can function without torrents, relying exclusively on magnet links in order to free up bandwidth; pioneering TorrIndex is designed on this principle, as TorrentFreak reports.

The magnet links used by TorrIndex contain the trackers from the original torrent and are designed to look and act exactly like regular torrent downloads when they are viewed or opened in your torrent client. TorrIndex stores links from many different torrent sites on the Internet and enables users to attach magnet links to the site as well.

Considering that TorrIndex is currently in beta testing, its design is simplistic and lacks features such as possibility to add comments and torrent ratings. However, all magnet links are automatically categorized based on various parameters such as file type and size (crucial for simplifying the process of browsing through the database) and TorrIndex is also the first to introduce DHT information for seed and peer count that completes the statistics provided by the trackers.

Kickasstorrents’ Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Albums

Kickasstorrents’ Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Albums

Let’s check out what music file sharers have been downloading this week according to a top five compiled and posted by the crew at one of the most popular torrent sites around – Kickasstorrents. The chart presented here only concerns this site alone.

This week’s Kickasstorrents’ Music Top 5 includes almost exclusively hip-hop artists (the exception being the rock group Three Days Grace).

1. Timbaland – Shock Value II;
2. Lil Wayne – No Ceilings;
3. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon The End of Day;
4. Three Days Grace – Life Starts Now;
5. Snoop Dogg – Malice N Wonderland;

This week the top is three good releases of mainstream hip-hop, one alternative hip-hop and three days grace just to please the fans of alternative rock.

Previous Top

Google and Microsoft Sued for Facilitating Copyright Infringement

Google and Microsoft Sued for Facilitating Copyright Infringement

The copyright infringement lawsuits have gone beyond infamous p2p networks and torrent sites and reached giants like Google and Microsoft.

Blues Destiny Records, a small US record company has filed a lawsuit against both companies for copyright infringement for allegedly providing results that facilitate the discovery of illegal content on the file-hosting service RapidShare.

The label claims that Google and Microsoft are liable for more than two dozen songs being illegally downloaded from RapidShare which has been also sued for violating the copyright law as, says Blues Destiny, it “has built its business by knowingly facilitating and enabling the trade of illegal unauthorized copyrighted content for its own profit.”

Blues Destiny points to Google and Bing as being just as guilty for the illegal file sharing of the music it owns as RapidShare since they provide the means by which people can locate and download unauthorized material.

According to the MediaPostNews “The Digital Millennium Copyright Act “safe harbor” provisions say that search engines like Google and Bing are immune from copyright liability as long as they remove infringing material upon request, but it’s not clear whether those safe harbors would apply here.”

The lawsuit was brought this week in federal court in the northern district of Florida; so far neither Google nor Microsoft has commented it.

Kickasstorrents’ Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Albums

Kickasstorrents’ Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Albums

As we previously noted everybody seems to love charts especially when it comes to downloads and popular files that are being shared on p2p networks. Let’s see what music they’ve been downloading according to a top five compiled and posted last week by the crew at one of the most popular torrent sites around – Kickasstorrents. The Music Top 5 presented here referrers to this site alone.

1. Susan Boyle – I Dreamed a Dream;
2. Foo Fighters – Greatest Hits;
3. Lil Wayne – No Ceilings;
4. Leona Lewis – Echo;
5. Robbie Williams – Reality Killed the Video Star;