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Top of the Most Popular Mobile Games Published by Game Mobile

Game Mobile (http://www.gamemobile.co.uk) which has been in the business of selling mobile games since 2003, and is currently one of the major mobile games portals on the Internet, offers us a fresh top 20 chart every week where we can find what are the games most preferred by gamers worldwide.

The chart which is published every Friday at 2pm comes to meet the need for such a top based on global downloads, following any shift, revealing high positions, altogether, offering an overall picture of the most downloaded and appreciated mobile games.

According to recent studies the mobile games market will grow into US $10 billion business by 2009, having, even at this moment, downloads exceed in sales ring tones in many Western European countries.

The timing could not be better Game Mobile given that mobile gaming is creating quite a thrill and trend on the mass-market; this chart is an immediate hit as it accurately and promptly records mobile gaming activity. It has an RSS standard form making it easy for other sites to also publish the data weekly.

Richard Hawley, director of Game Mobile, seems very confident about what future lies ahead for mobile gaming market. He sees the potential of over 400 million mobile phones worldwide surely to create an incredible boost of games for mobile phones. Referring to Game Mobile’s chart Hawley labeled it as “a truly global marker of the most popular games as the mobile gaming market goes mainstream.”

Game Mobile started as one of the first online portals for mobile games, offering applications, software, ring tones and wallpaper. All the games available for download as well as any other content are fully tested, and, as way of attracting new gamers there is also free content which can be downloaded from the site.

An effective market strategy allows customers to obtain loyalty credits with each download and every item they buy, having the possibility to trade them afterwards for games, ring tones or wallpaper. What sets Game Mobile apart from other competitors is the policy of the company – subscribing and registering is free; moreover, every customer gets a personalized account page which had their individual mobile phone as the inspirational starting point. At present over 1.5 million users visit monthly Game Mobile across its Web and Wap sites.