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RapidShare Triumphs in Court, Escapes Filtering Obligation

The legal issues experienced by the popular file-hosting service RapidShare have been both numerous and cumbersome since the website facilitates the downloading of unauthorized content and copyright owners have tried to solve this in court.

However, Christian Schmid, the founder of the site, has solid reasons to celebrate as a German court ruled yesterday in favor of the service in the case against the movie rental company Capelight Pictures, TorrentFreak reports.

After initially losing the case RapidShare made an appeal which ended successfully for them with the Dusseldorf Court of Appeals overturning the first verdict considering that the file-hosting website can’t be held responsible for the copyright infringement acts committed by its users.

Naturally, Schmid was prompt in expressing his satisfaction with the new verdict: “We are very happy about the judgment. The court has confirmed that RapidShare is not responsible for the contents of files uploaded by its users.”

“The judgment shows that attempts to denounce our business model as illegal will not be successful in the long run. With its 1-click-filehosting model, RapidShare responds to legitimate interests of its users and will continue to do so in the future,” he added.

While earlier rulings had forced RapidShare to filter content proactively, the new one by the Court of Appeals found that the service is conducting an entirely legal business and discounted the deterrent measures the copyright claimed as necessary.