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Curren$y & Jet Life in Partnership with BitTorrent to Release Mixtape

Curren$y & Jet Life in Partnership with BitTorrent to Release Mixtape BiTtorrent’s partnerships with various artists seem to be flowing; After teaming up recently with Public Enemy and Pixies, the file-sharing platform is now collaborating with Curren$y and his Jet Life crew to release a downloadable bundle that includes promotional content for the hip-hopers’ upcoming tour.

In an interview with AllHipHop about the release of this new mixtape with Curren$y revealed what the bundled package would contain: HD video content, an interactive Jet Life Apparel catalog, a chance some contests launched by the crew, and, of course, a new mixtape.

“BitTorrent Inc. has been instrumental in helping us bring new ideas to life. We wanted to create a Bundle release that fans would genuinely appreciate, while also reinterpreting mixtape culture to mean more: making tour video, promotions, merchandise, and interactive contests part of the download experience,” said Jet Life’s digital marketing and brand strategist Austin Leigh Briggs.

It its turn BitTorrent emphasized again the potential of its Bundle program for both artists and music lovers:

“This partnership presents an opportunity for us to advance our BitTorrent Bundle Alpha program and create a new transmedia tool for connecting with and rewarding fans,” commented company’s VP, Matt Mason.

The partnership’s role in reaching gans was also highlighted by  Mousa Hamden, Jet Life International president and artist manager. In his opinion,  “by consistently releasing new music and videos for free download to the Jet Life audience, we have built an army of loyal fans that support and spread the Jet Life movement, allowing us to regularly sell out clubs and theaters around the world.”

From BitTorrent’s blog:

The Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle will feature new music from Curren$y, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Fiend, and the rest of the Jet Life crew. It’ll also contain HD footage, interactive tour posters, catalogs, exclusive contests, and rewards you can redeem offline, at shows. You’ll be able to unlock it right here, starting July 30th.

In the meantime, the crew’s entire mixtape catalog is up for streaming on Soundcloud.  J.E.T.S.

Curren$y & Jet Life Partner Up with BitTorrent to Release Mixtape

Things to Know If You Want to Download Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

Things to Know If You Want to Download Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”Last month we reported Jay-Z’s plan to release his new album in partnership with Samsung for free to 1 million users of Galaxy mobile phones. Now we return with some useful info for those of you who want to get the album via the Jay-Z branded Android app

Magna Carta Holy Grail, the rapper’s 12th studio album hit the shelves or should we say, the downloads, on July 4th. If you are the owner or a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or Note 2 you can be one of the 1 million who can get it for free (as of writing we don’t know if the number of downloads hit their mark yet). If you intend to, however, there are some interesting details we’ve come across on an androidauthority.com article which might be helpful to know. We thought it would be a good share so here they are:

Aside from the 1 million app download limit, the album will only be available to a number of territories, particularly those considered as major music markets like the United States, Japan, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Good luck to those who may want to try tricking Google into thinking that they qualify for the free download. The app can be downloaded through this link. It may take a few minutes for the album download option to appear on your device.


As of this posting, it would appear that many are not able to download or play the album after the app download. A considerable number of Galaxy device owners complained on Twitter that the Magna Carta app crashes, making it impossible to download the album. The app reportedly freezes and displays an error code. There are reports that it won’t get through the home screen.

The free album will be the clean version [...] but users have the option to download the explicit version after confirming you are at least 18 years old.

If you want to upload the album to Google Play Music, you just have to go to “My Files” and look for the album in the “Music” folder. Then, use the Google Play Music app to upload the album to your collection in the cloud. If you want to use another application to play the album, just go to the location of the album (My Files / Music) and choose your preferred music player as you open the album files.

Privacy issue

Billboard published an article about a privacy concern related to the Magna Carta app, particularly with its location tracking. The issue was raised by rapper Michael Render (Killer Mike), who posted a screenshot on Twitter that showed the Magna Carta app permissions required: storage modification, system tool access to prevent the phone from sleeping and to retrieve running apps, location tracking, full network communication access, and phone status and identity reading.

But as we have previously mentioned here on Android Authority, app permissions screens tend to be treated like a ToS or EULA — people just don’t care about it. Killer Mike’s meticulousness raises some questions on why a music app would want to be proactive in tracking its users.


(Read the full article here)

BitTorrent Partners with Pixies to Launch ‘BagBoy’ Single

BitTorrent Partners with Pixies to Launch 'BagBoy' Single BitTorrent’s efforts to wash away the association between the company’s name and illegal downloading (read more in our post) continues with a new partnership. The company that gave us file-sharing clients uTorrent and BitTorrent has teamed up with alternative rock group Pixies. The band’s new single was released online as a torrent download. Titled BagBoy, this single marks the first new material that the group has put out over the last ten years.

In order to grab the single via BitTorrent, you are asked for your email address. As expected for many of you, file-sharing freaks out there, the single doesn’t come on its own, being included in a Bittorrent bundle which means you’ll also get other stuff as well. This other stuff is Where Is My Mind Coachella 2004 live set (includes 20 tracks).

BitTorrent’s partnerships with artists, aspiring or consecrated, is becoming quite a regular thing. Last month the company teamed up with hip-hop legends Public Enemy to launch the group’s new music and support a remixing contest.

download new single BAGBOY from PIXIES

Public Enemy Shakes Hands with BitTorrent to Release Music, Launch Remixing Contest

Public Enemy Partners with BitTorrent to Release Music, Launch Remixing ContestEver fancied remixing one of Public Enemy tracks back in the days when Walkman was the craze? A recent partnership between BitTorrent and one of the most influential and controversial hip hop groups of the late ’80s gives you just the chance to do that and moreover, even to be produced by the rap icons themselves

BitTorrent and the legendary Public Enemy, have announced a project in which they will cooperate – the rap group will market and distribute some of their recent music via the file-sharing platform but also offer BiTorrent users a chance to sample their music and use it in their own personal creation. The best track will be then elected from all those submitted and will benefit from professional production and distribution. We already posted lots and lots of articles about BitTorren’t potential as a distribution platform and the number of its monthly users alone – 170 million – its enough argument in this respect.

“For many established people in the music business, there’s a fear that comes along with it. We don’t have that fear. The ability to freely share an archive and have flexibility on how it can be used is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to making music and media available,” says Chuck-D’s manager.

Looks like music is truly becoming a deal sealer – yesterday we told you about Samsung teaming up with Jay-Z to offer the artist’s new album for free to its first 1 million Galaxy phone users who download an app – it’s to be expected that other major companies will use music this way to lure a larger number of customers.

Through their partnership with the file-sharing giant, Public Enemy is offering its latest track, “Get Up Stand Up,” available for free download as a BitTorrent bundle and the deal goes like this: those who give the group their email address will be offered in turn additional material, including a music video,  multitrack recordings that can be used to remix the track and the chance to participate in a remix contest where the winner gets to be signed by Public Enemy. Pretty dope, huh?

With BitTorrent Bundles the company has established a solid system not only for promoting artists but monetizing their content using P2P protocol as well. With this latest collaboration BitTorrent is also using its own SoShare system intended as an alternative for creatives to share online large size content.

Public Enemy Shakes Hands with BitTorrent to Release Music, Launch Remixing Contest

Jay-Z’s New Album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Offered for Free to Samsung Galaxy Customers

Jay-Z's New Album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Offered for Free to Samsung Galaxy CustomersWhile Jay-Z’s fans are looking forward to the much anticipated upcoming album “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” the artist, well-known for his business flair,  has made a deal with Samsung to release the new album for free to 1 million users of Galaxy mobile phones.

‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ is the rapper’s 12th studio album and is scheduled for official release on July 4th. In a announcement made on Sunday the artist said that ‘Magna Carta…’ will be given for free for the first 1 million android phone customers who download an app for the album. They will receive the album 72 hours before it goes on sale.

According to The Rolling Stones, the announcement was came through a Samsung commercial that aired during the Miami Heat-San Antonio Spurs game: “The three-minute ad shows Jay-Z working in the studio with Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland and musing on making art in the modern world.”

“We don’t have any rules, everybody is trying to figure it out,” Jay-Z says. “That’s why the internet is like the Wild West. The Wild Wild West. We need to write the new rules.”

Also talking about its upcoming release, the 43-year-old musician said: “The album is about this duality,” Jay-Z says in the ad, “of how do you navigate your way through this whole thing, through success and through failures, and remain yourself?”

Samsung’s new partnership with a major artist could have a major contribution to the company’s attempt of biting more of the Apple’s share of the market with its Galaxy phones and is pretty relevant to the market strategies mobile companies have implemented – and in which music occupies a significant position – to attract new consumers.