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BitComet Introduces “Anonymous” Download Feature

Due to the amount of lawsuits regarding file-sharing and the methods applied in order to obtain information, users all around the world have become concerned about the safety of their data. Therefore, new methods of hiding their identity were developed in the past few months, such as “Anonymous” downloads.

China’s BitComet also said OK to this new feature as their importance in the file-sharing community has increased over the years. The VIP service now offers full support for anonymous downloads, thus protecting users’ safety. The client’s development team tried and successfully managed to bring BitComet to new heights. For example, in April this year BitComet released the first of all major BitTorrrent clients x64 bits stable version. One of the features of this version is that it allows for larger disk caches.

Furthermore, BitComet also introducer a feature called VIP-downloading, allowing users to download torrents that are accelerated by BitComet’s servers; in layman’s terms, the user basically has a high-speed seedbox that accelerates the downloading process of healthy swarms.

On June the 1st the VIP service included anonymous downloading in its features. This means that BitComet’s VIP servers will exclusively hide their users’ IPs.

“If VIP members enable anonymous downloads our remote servers will initiate all peer and tracker communications and download the data on behalf of the VIP member, so the member’s actual IP address isn’t shared with any of the peers or trackers,” BitComet’s spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

“Our VIP servers are state of the art commercial servers on some of the worlds fastest connections. There are no imposed speed limits, the only account restrictions are on a flat-rate basis”.

However, this service is only available as a free trial and to those who are willing to pay for having their identities safe. BitComet offers plans with 10GB and 100GB limits for $4.99 and $19.99 respectively. Anonymous downloads are supported by the latest Beta versions of BitComet. A huge demand for VIP accounts has been noticed as BitComet’s servers barely survived when first released.

If no major bugs are to be found in the coming weeks, the anonymous download feature will be added to their next stable release.

BitComet New Release Comes with 64-Bit Version

BitComet users will be now able to enjoy a fresh release of their favourite file-sharing client which offers a stable 64-bit version whose advantageous larger disk caches is surely to the liking of heavy downloaders.

Over the last couple of years BitComet has managed to become a leading BitTorrent client by intelligently including those features that would bring it some edge. Its full featured HTTP/FTP download manager, the VIP downloading feature, its long-term seeding file sharing protocol and many other additions have truly made it one of the most relevant peer-to-peer apps currently available.

The new 64-bit version is expected to offer a very rewarding experience.

“Our analysis of crash reports has shown that there are many users who have used BitComet for extreme downloading where disk cache sizes were maxing out the abilities of any 32-bit app. So now BitComet x64 has ability to support disk cache up to 16GB, compared to 2GB for 32-bit apps,” says the company.

“The average user probably doesn’t really need it yet, but for those on very fast connections who want to run a large number of tasks that operate primarily within the disk cache, this new ability is perfectly suited,” it adds.

For BitComet 1.27 and a full changelog of all the new features and fixes follow this link.

New Updates: BitComet 20081127 Beta

BitComet is a powerful peer-to-peer file-sharing program which supports Bittorrent, one of the most popular p2p protocol created for high-speed distribution of large files. The app comes with many features including simultaneous downloads, selected downloads in torrent package, download queue, disk cache, fast-resume, chatting, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter and many more.

BitComet offers a very clean and intuitive interface through which you have access to detailed information related to the peers, torrent and trackers. The program includes built-in links to different torrent sites and torrent search sites as well.

What we present here is the latest beta version of this software which you can get here and for which the changelog says – GUI Improved: start download immediately after open a BC link from Webpage;
GUI Improved: program crash when install/uninstall IE plugin under Windows Vista.

You can download the latest stable version v1.06 by clicking below.

The Most Downloaded P2P & File-Sharing Applications

File sharing applications have long entered an ascendant path and their popularity is ever growing as they are constantly improved and diversified. We thought we’d take a look at what file sharing programs do people use most, expecting, of course that some titles (such as LimeWire, Utorrent, etc) would appear at the top of our list as usual. The information below represents the most popular P2P & File-Sharing Software downloads at download.com. We present here the first ten such software:

1. LimeWire 4.18 – 541,134 downloads/ 541,134 this week
Share files online.

Download Now

2. FrostWire 4.18 – 361,493 downloads/ 361,493 this week
Download and share files on Gnutella and Bittorrent network.

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3. BitComet 1.05 – 361,493 downloads/ 160,099 this week
Share and download files from BitTorrent and chat with your friends.

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4. uTorrent 1.8.1 – 51,482 downloads/51,482 this week
Download torrent files to your PC.

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5. MP3 Rocket 5.1.4. – 2,955,956 total downloads / 34,222 downloads
Download movies, music, and documents and share them with others.

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6. BitTorrent 6.0.2 build 8388 – 14,448,911 total downloads/ 19,993 this week
Search the Internet for torrent files, and download and upload files.

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7. eMule 0.49a – 7,586,451 total downloads/ 10,289 this week
Search and share files over the eDonkey2000 and Kad P2P networks.

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8. BitLord 1.1 – 1,612,877 total downloads 7,819 this week
Distribute and download large files via Torrent P2P protocol.

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9. BitLord 2.0 – 1,612,877 total downloads /7,819 this week
C++ BitTorrent client.

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10. MP3 Music Search 2 – 316,728 total downloads/ 7,797 this week
Download music and repair performance problems of P2P programs.

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Limewire, Frostwire and Bitcomet in Great Demand

Limewire hits third place on most popular downloads top made by download.com

File sharing applications seem to come to no decline in spite of the sustained efforts from the record industry which are sometimes made look pointless; people are tirelessly searching, downloading and using various p2p clients all the time. Checking the top of the most downloaded software this week on download.com is a good pointer of this – Limewire is still vigorously keeping its honorable third place on the top having scored 627,515 downloads, while Frostwire came on seventh with 263,492 downloads. Another file sharing program that made it in the top is Bitcomet which was downloaded 250,116 times. The most popular software was AVG Anti-virus Free Edition gathering 1,906,681 downloads.