ZipTorrent Review

Stay away from it!

ziptorrent-reviewAlthough it still appears promoted on many p2p sites this program has a big question mark – back in 2007 when anti-piracy organizations were in full effort of choking up p2p channels, the name ZipTorrent was mentioned as a possible decoy set by MediaDefender to the BitTorent users. Its purpose would have been to slow down popular downloads by leeching bandwith and spreading useless data chunks. So consider yourself warned!

Media Defender’s website was pretty clear:
“Decoying and Spoofing are the most commonly known techniques that we employ. We send blank files and data noise that look exactly like a real response to an initiated search requests for a particular title.”

However, since ZipTorrent hasn’t been 100% proven the vicious tool of MediaDefender and since the group has tried to use other clients in the same manner we thought to offer a small review below.

This is a software that uses the opensource libtorrent, created by Arvid Norberg (and was created using pure C++ ).
Installing it takes about a minute and figuring out how it works, a little more than that. It comes with pretty much all the features a BitTorrent is expected to offer – an efficient search facility, multiple tabs displaying torrent info (and low memory consumption as well) etc.

When it comes to searching for your results ZipTorrent enables you to filter by seeders &leechers, torrent size, and other and includes a useful multi-server IRC implementation whose purpose is to help you get torrents automatically from bots or from other users.

Here are ZipTorrent’s main features:

Includes built-in Bandwidth Wizard to get the most out of your download speeds;
Includes built-in chat so you can talk to your friends;
Includes built-in RSS news reader;
Includes NAT Wizard – if you are behind a firewall or a NAT configuration it teaches you how to fix it to speed up your downloads;
Little memory usage;
Uses BitTorrent protocol;
Rather curious settings such as “fake upload ratio mode”, “no upload” and “safe fake download”!!!

Screenshots of Ziptorrent:


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