File-Sharing Forever!

File-Sharing Forever!Hey, all you file-sharing lovers, you, Yonah is here on a more personal note this time

Well, it’s been quite a ride for 5 years now…but eventually all journeys come to an end.

It’s been fun to dig, scrape, scour and scope through the file-sharing landscape and report back at cha things and ways to share and share with but new projects are lying ahead that need my full time and attention.

That’s why, with some bitter taste but also with a taste for something fresh in the future, I announce that this will be my last post on P2PON.

Now bring in some dramatic effects (nostalgic music playing)

There would be this thing though…if you ever found useful any of the info published here, or any tips shared with you and want to offer your support, now it’s your chance. I give now my last recommendation, an inspirational application I took part in making (one I will need for sure, myself :)) called WiseWord Me. The idea behind it was to design an app that, “will help you kick start the day with inspirational and motivational words that can easily get you the right mindset that will get you a good day” – that’s what I said in the description and I stick to it :)

The app offers daily inspiring and motivating quotes and a bunch of other wisdom goodies that will allow you to engage into a fruitful state of mind and give you the energy to move towards a joyful life.

To check out full details and features you can go to its website at

Thank you for all your support so far! Have fun, share and reward those who bring you joy (that is, pay the artists you love, man!)

Goodbye and Happy Sharing Everybody!

For any suggestions, collaboration proposals or just good ol` chatting,  you can contact me at this address