Curren$y & Jet Life in Partnership with BitTorrent to Release Mixtape

Curren$y & Jet Life in Partnership with BitTorrent to Release Mixtape BiTtorrent’s partnerships with various artists seem to be flowing; After teaming up recently with Public Enemy and Pixies, the file-sharing platform is now collaborating with Curren$y and his Jet Life crew to release a downloadable bundle that includes promotional content for the hip-hopers’ upcoming tour.

In an interview with AllHipHop about the release of this new mixtape with Curren$y revealed what the bundled package would contain: HD video content, an interactive Jet Life Apparel catalog, a chance some contests launched by the crew, and, of course, a new mixtape.

“BitTorrent Inc. has been instrumental in helping us bring new ideas to life. We wanted to create a Bundle release that fans would genuinely appreciate, while also reinterpreting mixtape culture to mean more: making tour video, promotions, merchandise, and interactive contests part of the download experience,” said Jet Life’s digital marketing and brand strategist Austin Leigh Briggs.

It its turn BitTorrent emphasized again the potential of its Bundle program for both artists and music lovers:

“This partnership presents an opportunity for us to advance our BitTorrent Bundle Alpha program and create a new transmedia tool for connecting with and rewarding fans,” commented company’s VP, Matt Mason.

The partnership’s role in reaching gans was also highlighted by  Mousa Hamden, Jet Life International president and artist manager. In his opinion,  “by consistently releasing new music and videos for free download to the Jet Life audience, we have built an army of loyal fans that support and spread the Jet Life movement, allowing us to regularly sell out clubs and theaters around the world.”

From BitTorrent’s blog:

The Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle will feature new music from Curren$y, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Fiend, and the rest of the Jet Life crew. It’ll also contain HD footage, interactive tour posters, catalogs, exclusive contests, and rewards you can redeem offline, at shows. You’ll be able to unlock it right here, starting July 30th.

In the meantime, the crew’s entire mixtape catalog is up for streaming on Soundcloud.  J.E.T.S.

Curren$y & Jet Life Partner Up with BitTorrent to Release Mixtape