BitTorrent Partners with Pixies to Launch ‘BagBoy’ Single

BitTorrent Partners with Pixies to Launch 'BagBoy' Single BitTorrent’s efforts to wash away the association between the company’s name and illegal downloading (read more in our post) continues with a new partnership. The company that gave us file-sharing clients uTorrent and BitTorrent has teamed up with alternative rock group Pixies. The band’s new single was released online as a torrent download. Titled BagBoy, this single marks the first new material that the group has put out over the last ten years.

In order to grab the single via BitTorrent, you are asked for your email address. As expected for many of you, file-sharing freaks out there, the single doesn’t come on its own, being included in a Bittorrent bundle which means you’ll also get other stuff as well. This other stuff is Where Is My Mind Coachella 2004 live set (includes 20 tracks).

BitTorrent’s partnerships with artists, aspiring or consecrated, is becoming quite a regular thing. Last month the company teamed up with hip-hop legends Public Enemy to launch the group’s new music and support a remixing contest.

download new single BAGBOY from PIXIES