SendItz: iOS & Android FileSharing with 100GB Limit

SendItz: iOS & Android FileSharing with 100GB LimitSendItz is an app & browser tool with which users can easily share, receive, and store files, and has just released a newly improved version of its service for iOS & Android.

Before the upgrade the program allowed users to send others files  only up to 2 GB in size – with the recent release that limit has been made ridiculous – the official cap is now a 100 GB file! The service also claims that has made transfer speeds twice as fast as before. The upgrade comes with improved  features- photo viewing modes and controls and the ability to save photos & videos directly to your devices. The announcement says that users will still have access to 1 TB of cloud storage for now but the future will most likely bring changes in this respect.

SendItz is available as a browser-based app, and you can alos download it for free on iOS and Android devices. Since it has the advantage of being cross-platform, it allows you to access your account and files no matter the device you are using. While the update has been implemented for iOS, the improvements are not yet displayed for the browser tool and the Android app.

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