Public Enemy Shakes Hands with BitTorrent to Release Music, Launch Remixing Contest

Public Enemy Partners with BitTorrent to Release Music, Launch Remixing ContestEver fancied remixing one of Public Enemy tracks back in the days when Walkman was the craze? A recent partnership between BitTorrent and one of the most influential and controversial hip hop groups of the late ’80s gives you just the chance to do that and moreover, even to be produced by the rap icons themselves

BitTorrent and the legendary Public Enemy, have announced a project in which they will cooperate – the rap group will market and distribute some of their recent music via the file-sharing platform but also offer BiTorrent users a chance to sample their music and use it in their own personal creation. The best track will be then elected from all those submitted and will benefit from professional production and distribution. We already posted lots and lots of articles about BitTorren’t potential as a distribution platform and the number of its monthly users alone – 170 million – its enough argument in this respect.

“For many established people in the music business, there’s a fear that comes along with it. We don’t have that fear. The ability to freely share an archive and have flexibility on how it can be used is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to making music and media available,” says Chuck-D’s manager.

Looks like music is truly becoming a deal sealer – yesterday we told you about Samsung teaming up with Jay-Z to offer the artist’s new album for free to its first 1 million Galaxy phone users who download an app – it’s to be expected that other major companies will use music this way to lure a larger number of customers.

Through their partnership with the file-sharing giant, Public Enemy is offering its latest track, “Get Up Stand Up,” available for free download as a BitTorrent bundle and the deal goes like this: those who give the group their email address will be offered in turn additional material, including a music video,  multitrack recordings that can be used to remix the track and the chance to participate in a remix contest where the winner gets to be signed by Public Enemy. Pretty dope, huh?

With BitTorrent Bundles the company has established a solid system not only for promoting artists but monetizing their content using P2P protocol as well. With this latest collaboration BitTorrent is also using its own SoShare system intended as an alternative for creatives to share online large size content.

Public Enemy Shakes Hands with BitTorrent to Release Music, Launch Remixing Contest