Italy Gets Sued By The Country’s High-Profile Movie Producer Aurelio De Laurentiis Over Piracy Concerns

Italy Gets Sued By The Country’s High-Profile Movie Producer Aurelio De Laurentiis Over Piracy ConcernsSeen as one of the most talented movie producers in Italy, Aurelio De Laurentiis seeks justice by proposing a $16 billion lawsuit against Italy.

In his opinion, the state failed to do everything in its power to combat online piracy. De Laurentiis goal is to win this lawsuit and cover the lost revenues caused by copyright infringement to movie producers. His statement came during a movie industry symposium, an event co-hosted by the president of ANICA Riccardo Tozzi.

Further issues were discussed during the event, including a drop in percentage of those who prefer the cinema – nearly 5% Italians stopped going to the movies compared to last year. The news only strengthened De Laurentiis belief that he must take action against online piracy, hoping that Italy’s will eventually be forced to come up with more efficient ways to combat illegal downloading.

“The problem of piracy is very important, and I say we should ask for €12.5 billion in order to obtain at least €2.5 billion, the amount we lose each year because of piracy,” De Laurentiis stated.

To join his cause and make a stronger case, De Laurentiis asked for the help of other movie producers, the ANICA association, and the Ministry of Culture.

Tozzi, on the other hand, comes with a different approach.

“We should balance the threat of illegal downloads with a legal supply of films,” he said.

“It can be too difficult to download films legally, so there’s no good alternative to piracy.”

Argia Bignami, an expert of the copyright laws, agrees that the country’s stand on piracy is far less aggressive than others’.

“There are piracy concerns and privacy concerns that can be at odds with each other,” Bignami said.

Italy’s already set to fight piracy at a larger scale (not long ago 27 domain names were seized at the request of an Italian prosecutor), but is it willing to go even further than this? And if so, how?

Stay tuned to find out!