Beta Version Of Surf Launched For Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

Beta Version Of Surf Launched For Google Chrome And Mozilla FirefoxPreviously released as Alpha, Surf is a BitTorrent-developed plugin. Surf Beta seamlessly integrates with your internet browser (either Chrome or Firefox) for faster and more adaptive torrenting.

The official announcement was made on the 15th of this month on BitTorrent’s official blog. The Beta version comes with new features, including compatibility with Firefox and a status window for easy monitoring of your downloads.

More importantly, Surf’s developing team had focused its efforts into making the plugin more content-creator-friendly by adding a “recommendation engine” to the code.

“Recommendation and prioritization can help drive visibility for BitTorrent partner artists – solving for the exposure barrier that every creator is confronted with. That’s pretty powerful stuff,” their blog reads.

The benefits of using BitTorrent Surf are many; for one, the plugin uses its capabilities to measure and display the health of every torrent you download, so high-quality media is ensured. On the other side, you can use the plugin to either auto-detect relevant websites or build a list of favorites yourself.

For music enthusiasts, Surf comes with a surprise – thus we’re only going to tell you the name of the producer – Derek Vincent Smith.

Get Surf Beta from here and let us know what you think.

Have fun!