SXSW’s Music Bundle Made Available On BitTorrent

SXSW’s Music Bundle Made Available On BitTorrentThe annual South by Southwest festival has made it a tradition to share artists’ music (with their agreement, of course), and this year is no different. A bundle that captures a little over 1200 tracks (totaling 7.39 GB) has been made available on BitTorrent’s networks.

Starting with 2005, musicians participating at the festival agreed to share their work with the world. Before using BitTorrent, the festival’s organizers used zip folders to distribute the music packs, but this method was dropped in 2008.

An unofficial website called SXSW Torrents has been opened; here you will find all the tracks – starting with 2005.

As for this year, the music bundle contains 1210 files from a vast selection of artists, including The Geeks, MC Gee, DJ Andrew Parsons, the hip-hop band House Shoes, and much more. The South by Southwest festival started on March 8 and will end on the 17th.

Either you use uTorrent or another downloading platform, the torrent files can be found here.

“These torrents include all the tracks that could be previewed on the SXSW website for SXSW 2013 as of March 7, 2013. This year’s collection includes 1,210 files totaling 7.39GB. Note that the filenames and ID3 tags have been updated to properly reflect the artist names and song titles,” the unofficial website reads.