BitTorrent Live Officially Opened For Public Use

BitTorrent Live Officially Opened For Public UseLast November we’ve discussed about BitTorrent’s plans to launch a live streaming service. Although BitTorrent Live is still under development (beta testing), the company’s decided to make the service available for public.

The announcement came on Tuesday at the SXSW (South by Southwest festival). What BitTorrent Live does is to allow anyone with a webcam (or using Flash Media Encoder) to stream whatever they feel like streaming. However, before joining in, one must download and install the BitTorrent Live plugin.

“Designed to eliminate barriers to broadcast, Live is an entirely new protocol, designed to deliver high quality video to large audiences – with significant reduction in infrastructure cost and network delays,” the official webpage reads.

Bram Cohen, the mastermind behind BitTorrent & BitTorrent Live, had invested plenty of time and effort into this project, but the end-result will definitely prove to be worthy of setting a new bright path for p2p-based live streaming.

BitTorrent Live is available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

Until a stable version is released, BitTorrent must figure out a way to monetize the service.

Stay tuned!