YouTube’s Co-Founder Talks About The Future Of Video Networking

YouTube’s Co-Founder Talks About The Future Of Video NetworkingThe South by Southwest festival that took place last weekend was a great opportunity for Chad Hurley (YouTube co-founder) to talk about his plans for the future, and they include the launching of a video network similar to Facebook.

A post by Adweek informs that Chard Hurley and Digg’s founder Kevin Rose had an on-stage chat about launching a video network that will focus on creating a place for people “to work together and create content”. The service, Hurley added, will be launched in approximately one month.

The whole operation will be accommodated by a former aircraft hangar which has been transformed into a 41,000-square foot studio. Here, people can put their minds to work, collaborate and make use of high-end equipment. Furthermore, YouTube is considering modifying the comment section in order to enable a rather professional take on how people rate and feedback the uploaded content.

The idea of making a good profit out of video content is not new to the business mind; for example, Autodesk bought (for $60 million) the mobile video service called Socialcam.

So, besides their plan to launch a legitimate music streaming service, YouTube is taking a swing at other areas of interest. This year is going to be full of events!