EVE Online To Adopt BitTorrent Technology

EVE Online To Adopt BitTorrent TechnologyIt’s a known fact that when it comes to transferring large amounts of data at great speeds, BitTorrent is the best choice. To that end, Eve Online, a popular online game that’s somewhat similar to World of Warcraft (which, by the way, already uses BitTorrent technology), is planning to adopt and integrate BitTorrent into their game launcher.

First of all, one should know that Eve Online is an excellent space-based MMORPG that made its first impression nine years ago.

To date, the game gathered more than half a million subscribers from around the world. Just like basically any massive-multiplayer online role-playing game, Eve is using a game launcher to keep people updated with the latest patches and game fixes. This task requires a lot of bandwidth, and the old fashion way of transferring such large amounts of data is becoming a burden for both the players and the company behind the game.

“It is at times a bit cumbersome when it comes to updating the EVE client – how many of you had to download a full client install because the EVE Launcher patching failed? Quite a few according to our statistics,” CCP Games said.

“Combined with our own desire to be able to push out EVE client updates more frequently and reliably, we have decided to go back to the drawing board and rethink some of the things we are doing; trying to find ways on how to improve the overall user experience.”

To achieve this goal, CCP Games is considering modifying the game’s launcher…

“After careful investigation of a lot of different distribution and update mechanisms we have decided to base the EVE Launcher’s future download mechanism on the widely used and battle-tested BitTorrent protocol,” CCP’s official announcement reads.

“The main reason why we are doing this is that BitTorrent itself can utilize a number of different transport channels at the same time and is thus less prone to failing on that level. Our current mechanism is built on HTTP 1.1 only, which is a protocol that was not designed for transferring large amounts of data.”

“With BitTorrent we do not have this problem as it can run on top of a number of different protocols. Furthermore the protocol does a double validation of transferred data, ensuring that it is actually what we wanted to download and not some digital garbage,” CCP said.

“Eventually it is also possible to prioritize files over others when downloading which opens up a whole lot of possible future improvements to the user experience – for instance the ability to create your character while the game is still installing.”

As for those who are worried that BitTorrent will eat up their bandwidth (in terms of upload), CCP is assuring them that this will not be a problem.

“By default the new EVE Launcher will only make you share the data required for installing the client while you are downloading; once your download is complete you will not be distributing it to others, unless you explicitly enable this in the options – after all it might be useful for sharing the installation across your local network. We are also, by default, limiting the upload rate so that it should not affect your normal internet usage. This can be adjusted within the settings, should you wish to do so,” the company explained.