Mega Now Claims 3 Million Unique Users

Mega Now Claims 3 Million Unique UsersIt’s been a month since Kim’s Mega was launched, and now the website gathered an impressive number of registered users – up to 3 million.

“#Mega launched 1 month ago: 3M+ users, 125M+ files, encryption unbroken, most bugs fixed, mobile apps & sync client coming soon,” Kim tweeted two days ago.

Also, according to Dotcom, the top five countries that account for Mega’s traffic are France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, and the good old USA.

Mega’s success was somewhat surprising, with 250.000 users signing up after just a few hours since the website was launched. Not long after, Kim’s locker site outranked RapidShare and Dropbox.

As far as the future is concerned, Kim announced last week that Mega will attempt to cover other areas of interests.

“In the coming years #Mega plans to expand from secure cloud storage to secure email, chat & voice, video and mobile,” he tweeted.

What Kim has in mind is to offer these services on a non-US server system, thus increasing one’s security and privacy.

“My advice: Don’t host anything on US servers. Don’t use US based email services. Because the US govt says if you do they can extradite you,” he tweeted.

More on this as soon as we find out.