Record Fine in Italian FileSharing Case: $8.5 million!

Record Fine in Italian FileSharing Case: $8.5 million!The operator of an Italian file sharing website has been filed €6.4 million, or about $8.5 million.

The operator of file-sharing site (arrested in July 2012) has received the harshest fine yet given by Italian authorities – €6.4 million ($8.5 million), a figure the Italian Music Industry Federation must be very proud of.

The filesharing site had approximately  300,000 users and, according to claimants, had 30,000 links to copyright infringing content. The material could be downloaded using file lockets, BitTorrent and eD2K. Reportedly, the “lucky” operator, beside copyright infringement was also charged with tax fraud and more.

According to Italian authorities, the operator, revealed only as PG,  generated through the filesharing site a profit of €580,000 from advertisements and donations.

Following a case brought against him by the Finance Guard’s local office in Agropoli,the man has received a staggering €6.4 million fine from the Salermo provincial judicial authority.

Maybe for Italy, the filesharing issue will be just another case of “Eppur, si muove!”