Indexing And Search Websites For Kim’s Mega Must Abide By The Law

Indexing And Search Websites For Kim’s Mega Must Abide By The LawHistory is usually repeating itself, but Kim had learned his lesson. In that sense, the German entrepreneur is launching a message to all Mega search engines out there: we must respect copyright laws!

In yesterday’s article we’ve talked about, a French website that allowed people to search content on Mega. Unfortunately for Kim, the website’s search results pointed to some infringing data. Meanwhile, the United States, along with other countries, sent takedown notices to Mega. Dotcom is decided not to make the same mistake again, and the French portal entered Mega’s blacklist. The problem with was the lack of any takedown procedure(s), not to mention that it used a logo similar to Mega’s.

“I would have preferred to send the guys a warning and say: put up a takedown procedure that allows third parties to remove links from your index, remove the Mega branding and just be a good corporate citizen that cooperates with rightsholders,” Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

“We have had some emails from rightsholders that said ‘these guys don’t even have a takedown procedure, what are you doing about that?’ When we are faced with a situation like this, then we have to act,” he continued.

“If it’s right in front of our face and it’s put to us so prominently, we have to do something about it. Then we are in a state of knowledge and legally required to act.”

However, not all indexing and search websites for Mega must share the same fate as the French one.

“You will be seeing us acting aggressively towards sites that try to mimic Mega and use our logos. We’ll also go after sites that don’t have any takedown facilities, because that’s the biggest problem,” Kim said.

At the time being, FilesTube is one of the websites that got the green thumb from Kim. Furthermore, Kim also delivered a message to all Mega users, advising them not to publicly share files, and to respect copyrighted content.