Anti-Piracy Group Goes After Mega’s Financial Support

Anti-Piracy Group Goes After Mega's Financial SupportIt was somehow expected for some anti-piracy group to lay its eyes on Mega, but this soon? has already started an anti-Mega campaign by going after its finances.

Leader of the group, Robert King, changed a few words with TorrentFreak, explaining the website’s “campaign to have the payment processing of all Mega resellers terminated.”

He also mentioned that Mega’s resellers risk having their PayPal accounts terminated, as they don’t meet PayPal’s standards. As such, four out of ten resellers removed the opportunity to pay for Mega through PayPal –, GratisAntivirus, VoucherReseller, and

SFL blog post


“It’s been widely publicized that file sharing sites need to obtain pre-approval in order to process payments with PayPal,” SFL’s leader told TF.

“Whilst we cannot speak for PayPal, we would expect that PayPal would simply be applying their standards fairly to all file sharing sites and that includes Mega and its resellers.”

While some may believe that this is just a weak attempt to temper with Mega’s pocket, facts are telling the exact opposite. Take the example of Hotfile, another popular file-locker that was forced to end its deal with PayPal after a long and painful campaign headed by the same SFL.

At the time, PayPal refused to comment on the subject.