Mega Sets Traffic Record

Mega Sets Traffic RecordIt’s been less than a week since Mega launched, and the website is already taking over other established services of its kind, including Rapidshare and Dropbox. 

Five days ago Kim delivered his promise of launching a new cyber locking service, codename Mega. The first day was a surprise to everyone, including Kim, as Mega’s servers were over-solicited and eventually “crashed”, as more than 250.000 people (worldwide) subscribed to the service. The figure kept on growing, pushing Mega to  unprecedented heights.

Kim’s tweet reveals that, according to Alexa, Mega is ranked as #141 worldwide.

mega alexa rank

At the time being, Kim’s website is working at full capacity, and will soon have a baby brother, Megabox.

In a previous post we’ve mentioned that Mega is enabling outrageous security measures. As such, security experts from across the globe were intrigued by these claims and started testing Mega’s capabilities. In response, Kim is willing to offer a cash prize incentive to anyone who manages to crack the website.

“We welcome the ongoing #Mega security debate & will offer a cash prize encryption challenge soon. Let’s see what you got ;-),”  he tweeted.

Are you already a subscribed user of Mega? If so, what’s your opinion on the new cyber locker service?