isoHunt, 10 Years Of Great Torrents. Happy Birthday!

isoHunt, 10 Years Of Great Torrents. Happy Birthday!Although the American movie and music industries, alongside with the government, have tried to put an end to file-sharing in general, and to isoHunt in particular, the service managed to stay online. On the 22th of January 2013, isoHunt turned 10 and, with that occasion, we wish them Happy Birthday!

One of the oldest torrent hubs turned 10 years old just two days ago. We are, of course, talking about isoHunt, a place where quality torrents and an outstanding community combine with one purpose: file-sharing!

“When I started isoHunt during engineering school, I truly did not think I’d be working on it for 10 years, but here I am. Napster, Kazaa, Suprnova, LokiTorrent. Big names have come and gone, and the Internet has changed. One would think we the people of the Internet are losing to the copyright cartels, but I think different,” Gary Fung (the website’s owner) commented.

Not only the service managed to overcome the entertainment’s efforts to shut it down, but it did so by staying on the very top of the pyramid. As such, isoHunt is to be found on the top 10 of 2012’s most visited torrent sites.

Fung also said that his “baby” “just passed half a million fans on our Facebook page. Along with the millions of users who have frequented isoHunt the last 10 years, thanks for your support! Cheers to the next 10″.

Hear, hear!