Filesharing is Good for the Music Industry, Google-Commissioned Survey Shows

filesharing is good for music, shows Google-commissioned surveyHere comes another study to confirm what all of us, with an Internet connection, some decent information-search and a bit of reasoning, know: filesharing users – not only are they not harmful for the music industry but actually are its main source of income

A study recently commissioned by Google shows that American P2P users purchase 30 % more music. That is, of course, and again, contrary to what RIAA and MPAA would have lawmakers and the law-abiding, model-to-society citizens think; after all, aren’t pirates the reason all economy stumbles and aren’t they to blame when things in the industry don’t go as big, fat, platinum-skin, heads of the this-is-how-people-must-be-entertained business want them to?

For this research Google commissioned Columbia University’s American Assembly research center; the latter conducted a study among US citizens on the subjects of file sharing and copyright enforcement. According to the data found by the survey, Americans kindda hate methods such as the use of bandwidth throttling and disconnection as penalties for downloading copyrighted stuff.

However, the most important and relevant finding this search revealed is that US P2P users tend to buy 30 percent more music than those who don’t use filesharing on regular basis. While I’m certain this proof will just join the existing stack of such evidence showing filesharing is actually beneficial for the artists and will not have much impact on the ways the industry deals with copyright issues and illegal downloading I can only hope like millions of others that soon enough more people would realize that those who share more, are interested in more, can appreciate more and actually, pay more for music.

From the study:

p2p filesharers buy more music than the rest of us