Pipe & Dropify, Two Apps That Could Change Facebook Forever

Pipe & Dropify, Two Apps That Could Change Facebook ForeverSharing content through Facebook is easy as pie, but there’s more to it than just photos and YouTube links. Pipe and Dropify, two web applications dedicated to online social interaction, are about to change the way we “facebook”.

Pipe is a yet to be released application that will allow Facebook users to share/send files (music, video content, photos, etcetera) of up to 1GB in size. The transfer, according to the company’s claims, is going to be secure and in real-time.

The other web application, Dropify, was founded in Cologne back in May 2011 by Alex Heilmann, Mike Lieser and Chris Striepecke. Through it Facebook users can publish and explore files, including .PDF and .doc files, audio and video content, archives, and so on.

“Dropify is a fun way for people to both publish and discover awesome free files. Traditional file downloads have very limited visibility. With dropify, people share the download activity with their friends on their timeline and news feed. With more than one billion people who use Facebook each month, this results in major coverage, while people discover new artists, brands, and other content creators they have never heard of before,” Dropify’s official website reads.

The application is compatible with mobile devices and features drag-and-drop capabilities, embedding, monitoring, and more.

Furthermore, Dropify could help developers and content creators to get noticed by creating an activity feed whenever (their) files are downloaded, thus making the links go viral on Facebook.

Although the service is free, one can also opt for a subscription of $9 to $99 a month and enjoy the application’s extra features.