Piracy Is Bad, mkay? …And You Should Feel Bad!

Piracy is bad, mkay?Apparently, the entertainment industries are closer than ever to disappear entirely, solely because of piracy. This is what a report from USC’s Annenberg Innovation claims. Their fingers point to advertising companies such as Google and Yahoo, linking them to piracy.

According to the report, Google’s AdSense and similar advertising services that promote file-sharing websites are going to bankrupt the entertainment industry. With this brilliant conclusion the report hopes to make advertising companies feel ashamed and hopefully drop their business contracts, thus cutting the financial cord of file-sharing portals.

Google’s response was one that you’d expect from a logical point of view – just because some Google code appears on a website that promotes piracy, it doesn’t mean Google does it too.

USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab placed both Google and Yahoo on the top 10 advertising networks that offer support to major piracy sites across the world. The conclusion was drawn based on AI’s analysis of online ads that receive the most copyright infringement notices.

Jonathan Taplin – director of Annenberg Innovation – talked about this in LA Times. He told the story of his singer friend who had no financial problems, that until the early 2000s when medical bills for his throat cancer started to pile up. He was then forced to start touring again, because of piracy.

We are more than sympathetic to cancer patients, but what does this have to do with anything? Shouldn’t Mr. Jonathan maybe blame the health care system instead of piracy? After all, his friend had no financial problems for several years, and that without doing any work at all.

And how about the industry’s inability to accept services like Spotify into their business plan?

Also, Mr. Taplin should get his info straight. Websites like The Pirate Bay are hosting plenty of legal and original content, not to mention their involvement with promoting young artists through their Promo Bay website. If their financial flow is disrupted, then what? Wouldn’t that affect people who use these services for legitimate business just the same as his friend?