Free Music Downloads: Today’s Treat

Free downloads for music lovers is like candy for kids so we thought to scoop up such free releases and spread the word about them as often as we can here at P2PON. This section will compile reports taken from various sources just to keep you posted with the latest free music downloads made available by emerging or consecrated artists (and includes, of course, links for free downloads).


Moe Pope and Rain

Free Music Downloads: Today’s Treat - moe pope and rainMoe Pope and Rain just released their newest music video “What You Need” from their upcoming album Let the Right Ones In, which will land at retail on Tuesday, January 22.

“What You Need” features a live performance at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, with cameos by the band Bad Rabbits, and is directed by Matt Teuten. (via artistdirect)

Download of the song (available until the January 22 release date) via iTunes.


metal band brace - free downloadAberdeen metal quintet Brace released ‘Living’ from their upcoming EP Conscious Thinking on New Years Eve.

A crushing reminder about just how grim the Granite City can be, BRACE are a veritable musical tour-de-force; a heady mixture of sludgy guitars, frenetic metal drumming and guttural screaming. BRACE are no stranger to bleak Northern nights in sweaty, crowded venues. Their new EP Conscious Thinking is an exercise in controlled demolition, and ‘Living’ is just a taste of what you can expect from these guys in 2013. (via hangout.altsounds)

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