Four Major Hollywood Studios Caught Downloading Copyrighted Content

Four Major Hollywood Studios Caught Downloading Copyrighted ContentAfter blaming piracy and continuously trying to convince the public that BitTorrent is one of the biggest threats to intellectual property, it seems that these hardcore anti-pirates are not so different from the regular Jack Sparrow. In fact, employees working for some of Hollywood’s biggest studios got caught downloading copyrighted content, including games and movies.

By using ScanEye – a project created to fight piracy, TorrentFreak recently discovered that employees working for Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox have downloaded a whole lot of copyrighted goodies right from BitTorrent’s networks. The provided screenshots are just a glimpse of a much bigger downloading list.

paramount download list

warner bros download list

sony pictures download list

20th century fox download list

walt-disney download list

As anyone can see, Hollywood’s black flaggers are out for blood, rampantly downloading movies, TV series, games, books, adult materials, and pretty much anything they can think of. The even more interesting part is that they’re not the only ones; the Department of Justice, various Parliaments, Record Labels, even the Department of Homeland Security had all developed a taste for that juicy illegal stuff. Talking about hypocrisy, right?

Regardless of their so called selfless intentions, the industries will, starting this year, go after pirates by launching the six-strikes system.