uTorrent’s Purpose Extends Beyond Piracy, BitTorrent’s CEO Said

uTorrent's Purpose Extends Beyond Piracy, BitTorrent's CEO SaidAlthough anti-piracy lobbyists consider the uTorrent and BitTorrent clients as bridges for online piracy, the company’s CEO begs to differ. 

“We hear this question all the time. We hear we’ve killed film, the radio star and the content industry. We hear we’re the Web’s dark matter, and the Internet’s seedy underbelly. We are not.”

This was a statement given by BitTorrent’s CEO – Eric Klinker – to TorrentFreak.

The industries (MPAA/RIAA) had long tried (and probably still do) to put BitTorrent down, along with its spearhead client, uTorrent. At the time being, it’s believed that uTorrent accounts for more than 150 million registered users, most of which are supposedly downloading copyrighted content.

However, Klinker is driven to change that perspective by launching a new website called Does BitTorrent Equal Piracy.

“We are scientists, engineers, developers and designers committed to building a better Internet,” he said.

“We are photographers, musicians, writers and gamers. We came to work here because we wanted to change the way the Internet works for us. How it works for all of us. We do not endorse piracy. We do not encourage it. We don’t point to piracy sites. We don’t host any infringing content,” BitTorrent’s CEO concluded.