YouTube’s Bundle Of Joy (The Pirate Version)

YouTube's Bundle Of Joy (The Pirate Version)We pretty much understand why a company that did everything to stay within the legal boundaries of copyright laws got shut down (read Megaupload), and why authorities keep on turning a blind eye to Google’s YouTube. We understand, but we don’t agree.  

In a nutshell, what Megaupload did was to provide with hosting services for its users. Besides the large amounts of legal content, Megaupload’s servers were also hosting copyrighted content, including videos and movies; however, Kim’s company was protected under the DMCA. Did this “minor” fact contributed to anything? Well, it did for a while. That until US authorities decided to put up their foot down and on Kim’s business.

Unlike Megaupload, It’s a wonderful life for YouTube, with no worries, not even that there’s A Christmas Without Snow. Fret not, because Kim is planning for A Fairly Odd Christmas. We’re talking, of course, about the incoming revamped Mega.

All in all, what’s really important is to not be Home Alone at the end of this year, but with those close to you, celebrating this wonderful thing we call life. Maybe even watch A Christmas Carol in front of your fireplace.

Happy new year, to all of you out there!

source: TorrentFreak