Italy Blocks Access to Two Major Torrent Sites

Italian police new blockade against of two popular BitTorrent sites: and portals. With the Italian industry pulling the strings behind political curtains, a demand has been forwarded to all country’s ISPs – to block access to the aforementioned sites. Currently, an investigation is being conducted in relation to the identity of the filesharing sites owners.

Following an action by the Guardia di Finanza (Italy’s Financial Police) Italian internet users have been prevented from accessing filesharing sites and portals in an attempt to combat online piracy. Both sites are accused of facilitating copyright infringement.  The piracy blocking order sent these recent days to Italian ISPs by authorities comes after an year long investigation. Under the same anti-piracy program five other Italian filesharing platforms have already been blocked.

The anti-piracy move has been consistently motivated by the Federation of Italian Music (Fimi) which filed a report complaining about the huge losses illegal filesharing is causing to the industry.