RapidShare Introduces RapidDrive 1.0, Switches to New Look

RapidShare has made available its latest file management tool that integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft operating system – RapidDrive 1.0. To increase its appeal and user-friendliness the new tool comes with a fresh design.

According to Alexandra Zwingli, CEO of RapidShare, the company’s new tool proved quite popular while being the beta phase and that definitely was a strong motivation to announce its availability.

Zwingli pointed out that “The strength of RapidDrive lies in its simplicity and user friendly design, which is in line with the new graphical user interface of our website and file management tools. Equipped with a new look and a product portfolio that spans various platforms and devices, we have set the stage for a successful 2013 with even more cloud storage innovations.”

RapidDrive was now the only one to upgrade to a new look, RapidShare website and the company’s file management tools have also adopted a new design.

From the press release:

RapidDrive 1.0 brings the functionality of RapidShare directly to the desktop. RapidPro customer accounts are added straight into the Windows folder structure, where they can be conveniently managed using Windows Explorer. The account is displayed in the Explorer window simply and clearly in the same way as an additional hard disk. Files can be dragged and dropped to RapidDrive for uploading and downloading.

The launch of the new tool and the re-design are the latest in a wide range of product innovations that RapidShare has released during 2012. The company has also recently announced a new Traffic Model, which limits outgoing public traffic*. It is specifically designed to prevent abuse of RapidShare’s infrastructure and at the same time to provide a better experience for the average customer, since restrictions that previously applied to all customers have been lifted. The new model came into effect today.

RapidPro customers can download RapidDrive, which is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 at https://rapidshare.com/#tools_rapiddrive.

A version for Mac OSX is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2013.