The 4-Hour Chef – A Book That Brought Together A Famous Writer And BitTorrent

Tim Ferriss is an accomplished American writer and author of bestsellers such as The 4-hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. This week he will release The 4-Hour Chef – a rather extravagant and out of the ordinary cookbook.

In order to cope (or rather to counter) the setbacks of US’s book retailers, which decided to ban Amazon published books in an effort to maintain book sales’ current condition, Tim Ferriss and BitTorrent decided to join forces.

“The nature of publishing has fundamentally changed,” said the 35-year-old author.

“The business models and marketing must change to reflect what consumers want, and these wants can be harnessed to hugely benefit the content producer: the writer, the musician, etc. BitTorrent is a technology and ecosystem that is part of this sustainable future for content. There’s no turning back, and I want to embrace the change-makers.”

As for BitTorrent, they’ve also made this partnership public by writing on their blog:

On November 20th, Tim will release The 4-Hour Chef. It’s choose-your-own-adventure guide to rapid learning. It’s a cookbook for people who don’t read cookbooks (which means: we’d read it). And, it’s poised to be the most banned book in US history. The 4-Hour Chef is one of the first titles underneath Amazon’s new publishing imprint; boycotted by U.S. booksellers, including Barnes & Noble.

Disruptive voices should be heard. And traditional publishing’s probably about ready for a shakeup. So we’re partnering with Tim and readers like you to promote The 4-Hour Chef through BitTorrent. On the day the book launches, our community will get exclusive access to media from Tim: content from the book, as well as unpublished material. We’ll be distributing the writer’s process: the photos, drafts, videos and recipes that shaped Tim’s journey. And we’ll be asking users to support Tim and the Amazon imprint.

This partnership’s details are yet to be revealed, but BitTorrent and Tim Ferriss are already working on a torrent bundle for those of you who are interested in the author’s writing.

This is not BitTorrent’s first attempt to open new doors towards legality; the company also partnered in the past with established musicians in order to promote some unique content via their networks, including Counting Crows, Pretty Lights, and Death Grips. We can only be happy and applaud such news, especially that I know that there are a lot of talented writers who don’t get the chance of being published. But who knows, things may change very soon.

Good luck to them, and good luck to Timothy!