Verizon Will Choke The Pipe Of Repeated Infringers Under The Six-Strikes System

It’s a matter of weeks until CCI’s six-strikes system will go into full effect. Besides AT&T (who’s plans have been revealed by a leaked document), there are four other major American ISPs involved, including Verizon.

Just as a reminder, the Center for Copyright Information has been put together by US’s movie and music industries, dragging along five major internet providers – Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner, and the other two we’ve mentioned.

It’s yet unknown what kind of approach has been decided upon by the other providers, but what we know so far is that Verizon will throttle repeated offenders’ bandwidth.

This information has been revealed after Verizon and Time Warner met at the New York Chapter of the Internet Society to discuss their strategy. As such, Verizon decided to send out e-mail notifications to flagged accounts, but no more than two.

A third flag will bring a pop-up warning that informs the subscribers about their illegal activities, while also forcing them to confirm that they are aware of the copyright infringement. If the infringement still continues, a fifth and sixth flag will lead to punishment – in the form of severely chocking the users’ bandwidth for two to three days. After the penalty is lifted, everything returns to normal.

In the case of Time Warner, they will also send out notices to those suspected of copyright infringement, but instead of messing with their speed, T.W. will redirect their users to a landing page. However, it’s still a mystery if all traffic is to be redirected. Also, the time of the penalty is undisclosed.

Stay tuned!