Traffic Cap Imposed By RapidShare To Discourage Piracy

While reworking its infrastructure to better the service’s performance, RapidShare also plans to introduce new traffic policies with the intention to dampen piracy.

During this week, the popular file-sharing service announced that new traffic polices will be put in place. As such, RapidShare is going to limit the daily outbound traffic, while also (re)increasing its download speeds; however, there’s a catch to that, which will be explained later on.

After Megaupload was shut own, RapidShare made a statement, announcing that they will introduce slower download speeds to discourage those seeking copyrighted materials on their website.

Back in 2009, the German-based RapidShare received a fine of $33.4 million, while also being ordered to take out 5.000 music tracks from their servers, and rethink their strategy to combat piracy.

The new traffic limit, however, only works for “public traffic, while “Group traffic” remains unaffected. In other words, free users will be able to download just 1GB per day, while those who have a Pro account will have a 30GB per day download limit.

According to the file-sharing service, the new traffic limitations are going to be fully implemented starting with November 27.

They’ve also announced the launching of a new service called RapidDrive – a Windows-based platform that will help paying customers to manage their files. A release date has not yet been confirmed.