Top 10 Most Downloaded Movies on BitTorrent

TorrentFreak has published the data they collected with the top 10 most shared movies on BitTorrent for the week ended October 21. All the films included in this chart are DVDrips (unless mentioned otherwise).

Newcomer The Amazing Spider-Man scores the largest number of downloads this week, pushing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter down one place to #2. The franchise The Expendables returns with a second action packed flick debuting on #3.
This week’s list features four new entries.

The chart also includes download links for the movies listed here (where available) via

Ranking (last week) Movie Rating / Trailer Download Movie
1 (…) The Amazing Spider-Man 6.1/trailer
2 (1)  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 6.1/trailer
3 (…) The Expendables 2 7.2/trailer
4 (4) The Campaign 6.3/trailer
5 (2) Safety Not Guaranteed 7.4/trailer
6 (…) Killer Joe 7.2/trailer
7 (…) Stolen 5.2/trailer
8 (6) Hotel Transylvania [TS] 7.1/trailer
9 (7) Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted 7.1/trailer
10 (3) Prometheus 7.3/trailer

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