Wupload Disables Its File-Sharing Feature

Since Megaupload was shutdown, many other websites changed their perspective by either ceasing all file-sharing operations, or changing the business model completely. Others, who were less fortunate, were also shutdown, the latest being Library.nu.

Starting with April rumors that the MPAA is planning on closing down other similar websites reached the ears of the public. Among these portals, Alfred Perry – vice president for worldwide content protection at Paramount Pictures – mentioned Wupload – a popular file-host service which, according to Alexa, is one of the top 1000 sites on the web.

As a result, Wupload has disabled all file-sharing capabilities on their portal. As such, files can be downloaded only by the owners from now on.

Furthermore, according to Alexa, Wupload’s daily reach has dropped with 24% in the last week, and with over 40% in the past three months.

Fileserve – found in the top 300 sites (Alexa) – has also decided to close its file-sharing features for all accounts after being mentioned by Alfred Perry. Fileserve’s daily reach also recorded a dropdown – 9% during the week, and almost 40% in the last three months.

(Source: ghacks.net)

This behavior is likely to continue as users are starting to look for alternatives – Dropbox, Box, or SkyDrive. Personally, I have no doubt that this is only the beginning of MPAA’s reign if people will not react, but then again, people alongside with popular services like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Reddit and so on and so forth have managed once to stop the entertainment industries’ plans to take over the internet. Maybe it’s time to go into the ring again.