FileQu: A Steppingstone for Freelancers, Artists and Small Businesses

FileQu is a newly launched web based file-sharing slash storage platform that’s decided to build a communications bridge between freelancers, artists, and small businesses and everyone else using the internet.

Developed by Bonheur Media, the platform is a fully customizable file-sharing system which allows its users to easily and securely upload, store, and share files with anyone. And by fully customizable, we mean that you can add your company’s logo, chose colors and themes, everything to make your small business look the way you want it to.

FileQu is using an improved method of sharing files, and not only that, but you don’t have to install a program on your computer to view or upload files, as everything is done through your account.

That’s not all!

“We have incorporated an easy-to-use e-mail sharing system which allows you to invite and share files with a user outside of your account sending a secure link to that person via e-mail for instant file downloads” said Bonheur Medias’s CEO and FileQu founder Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro.

“This system even allows you to set an expiration date on the invitations you send out! When the invitation expires the invitation will no longer be valid and the invited user will no longer be allowed to view the file. We believe you will be completely satisfied!”

If you sign-up now, FileQu is offering a discount – $4.99 a month, 100GB storage limit and 2GB upload limit, Unlimited User and Client Accounts, and Personal Image Branding.