CISPA – A New Way To Spell SOPA

photocredit: knowyourmeme

Le Roi est mort, vive la Roi!  Not long after SOPA was boycotted by the entire internet community, the US House of Representatives is already replacing it with the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.
CISPA or H.R. 3532 is, in essence, just another name for its dead relative – SOPA, if not worse. According to this bill the act of copyright infringement will be considered a security threat, and it has already gained over 100 supporters. If the bill passes, ISPs alongside with other companies will be forced to share user data with government agencies.

“CISPA would let companies spy on users and share private information with the federal government and other companies with near-total immunity from civil and criminal liability. It effectively creates a ‘cybersecurity’ exemption to all existing laws,” says the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The “language” used in CISPA is just as confusing as it was with SOPA; for example, important companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and so on could be forced into intercepting their users’ e-mails, text messages or browsing habits, then share this kind of information between each other, and remove or block any infringing material that’s found. Sounds good, right… some US authorities to watch over your every move on the internet, regardless of your rights for privacy? Why not putting some cameras in our bathrooms as well, just to be sure we’re not downloading anything illegal?

We are eagerly waiting for reactions.