Shakes Hands With iPad’s App Store

File-sharing service, founded by Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith in 2005, has recently developed an application for iPad and iPhone to let you share, view, and edit your content.

The new application blends in with several third-party mobile tools that help you manage file on your mobile device. Among them we find Quickoffice, Adobe EchoSign, Nuance PaperPort Notes, and PDF expert. As such, you can use Box’s file-sharing application in parallel with these useful tools.

“We think this is the first time there’s a mobile cloud for the enterprise that you can implement across your business instantly,” said Box’s CEO Aaron Levie.

To seamlessly integrate with this kind of environment, a partner application – for example Adobe EchoSign – must tap into an application program interface (API) exposed by Box.

“Now the execution of documents all happens within the Box environment,” Mangesh Bhandaraar (senior product manager at Adobe Systems) said.
It has been Levie’s goal to bring competition in a market ruled by huge brands like Microsoft and Oracle, and, as it seems, he managed to pull it off.

“We don’t have a large enterprise sales force,” Alan Masarek (QuickOffice’s CEO) told Wired.

“This is a new sales channel for us, which is wonderful.”

One of Box’s most interesting features is that it offers 50GB free storage on a regular account, unlike other competitors who, for a free account, offer no more than 10 GB.