Carpathia Hosting’s Cash Issues: Megaupload’s Data Is Costing Us Money

After Megaupload was shut down, millions and millions of users lost access to their data, data that is still hosted by Carpathia Hosting.

The hosting company is now asking help from the US Government as the unpaid bills pile up. According to their claims, data from up to 66 million users are still “stuck” into their system.

The company has filed an emergency motion to the US Court, saying that it pays $9,000 a day to host the data, summing up more than $500.000 since January when Megaupload was shut down.

As such, CH is asking for the money, or for the data to be taken away from them, or to be deleted after users recover their files. The hosting service cannot delete the files themselves as they risk lawsuits with different parties that may have an interest on that data, such as the MPAA. They expect a court hearing on the motion the following month.

Meanwhile, Kim Dotcom, the man behind Megaupload, is under house arrest while US authorities are trying to extradite him. The decision is expected on April 2012.
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