BREIN Wins Legal Battle Against Proxy Operator

BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy group, has obtained a court order to shut down the operator of a proxy website that was used to access The Pirate Bay.

The site in question is, and after the Court of The Hague ruled in favor of BREIN the operator is now bound to shut down the website. If it fails to comply, a €1,000 fine will be deducted for each day that passes.

The anti-piracy group also won two important battles with two of Holland’s most important ISPs, forcing them to block access to The Pirate Bay. Against these odds, users have found ways to get access to TPB by using different proxy servers.

After successfully closing down one proxy operator, BREIN had sent letters to several other websites providing such services, threatening them with legal action if they continue to keep the sites online.

According to the Tweakers report Tim Kuik – director of BREIN – said:

“If the operators of the proxy sites do not comply with the letter request], we will keep them liable for damages.”

A similar story is going on in the UK where, in February, the UK High Court ruled that both the operators of TPB and its users are guilty of copyright infringement. As a result, six of UK’s biggest ISPs could be forced to block access to TPB.