Rapidshare Ordered To Apply A Filter System For Pirated Data

Germany’s court of law has decided to dictate the popular file-sharing portal Rapidshare to apply filtering policies.

Following the actions of several parties complaining about RapidShare, a German court of law instructed the website to apply a filtering system to block infringing data present within their servers.

After debating the issue, the court decided the RapidShare can be easily found guilty for facilitating access to infringing materials, due to its users’ activity. Unlike Megaupload, Rapidshare’s model is based on a structured file storage and sharing platform, thus keeping its distance for piracy.

On that sense, the company reduced anonymous ufile sharing speed to 30 KPBps, redirecting people to choose an account from which monitoring can be done. Problem is that many pirates prefer anonymity, avoiding authorities efforts to catch them.

The responsibility lies now on Rapidshare’s shoulders, setting a precedent for similar services that may be forced to scan their servers for pirated content, allegedly reducing pirated data.

Whether this will work out or not, is pretty much up to the approach Rapidshare will chose to take; a decent warning should be highlighted though – once you do this road, there’s no turning back, and we have plenty examples to back up this claim: just take a look at the recent developments in this file-sharing world, where really important names were shut down or just accepted their faith and went legit.