And Musicmetric Shake Hands to Offer Artist Analytics Integration

UK’s has recently announced its intentions to do business with data and analytics platform Musicmetric, integrating the latter into the Music Manager.

Also located in Great Britain, Musicmetric offers tools for a better perspective on consumer behaviour to the people working for the music industry. It does that by drawing its power from p2p networks, review websites, comments and social networks, gathering data from as many sources as possible.

On the 13th this month announced the integration at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Having Musicmetric merged with’s platform will let artists track fans, plays and views across several online music and social platforms, including, SoundCloud, Twitter and so on, and integrate third party analytics from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and soon to be added YouTube Insight. Furthermore, artists will have the chance to upgrade to Musicmetric’s Premium version for $5,99/month. was founded in 2002 and acquired by CBS in 2007. Currently it has about 40 million users spread across 200 countries. It offers new music and personalised radio and concerts to its users, while keeping a record of your listening behaviour from over 600 music players.

“By integrating Musicmetric’s analytics dashboard into’s Music Manager, we’re now able to offer artists and labels access to improved data and information surrounding their fans social media presence and listening habits across the Web,” said Tom Lisack, Vice President, Content & Artist Relations, CBS Interactive Music Group.

“’s purpose is to help emerging artists and this integration gives them unprecedented access to the tools they need to succeed online.”

Through Music Manager, artists can promote their work by uploading tracks to, access a record about who’s listening to their music, manage their profile and offer free track downloads. As for Musicmetric, they’ve launched a Musicmetric Pro version, featuring sentiment analysis and TV-appearance tracking.

“This integration is our first step into opening access for emerging artists to the kind of analytics previously only available to major companies,” said Gregory Mead, Musicmetric’s CEO.

“Having an idea of where fans are engaging with music by an artist, and where they can grow their level of visibility both online and offline is so essential to new or unsigned bands trying to cut through the noise today.”