Netkups: BitTorrent and Cyberlocks Merged Together

By combining two different file-sharing platforms – cyberlockers and BitTorrent – the team who developed Netkups is confident that this new hybrid will be an interesting and pleasant surprise for both site operators and users

BitTorrent portals and cyberlockers share few similarities – a big number of users and the prying eye of the entertainment industry, but that’s pretty much it. This is going to change because Netkups incorporates the two technologies, allowing people to upload files, and share them through direct links and torrents.

“The hybrid model is a win-win situation,” Netkups founder Adrian told TorrentFreak.

“In our case, we can save on bandwidth charges and enable a faster growth, while we guarantee that the file is seeded by us as long as it is downloadable. At the same time, users can enjoy the benefits of torrent files and download as many files as they want, using part of our bandwidth and bandwidth from other users.”

Netkups does not come with a built-in search engine, but allows anyone to upload files of up to 1 gigabyte (free of charge), then share them with friends or keep them private. Sharing is possible at a speed of maximum 300 KBs. The client also creates a torrent file that can be shared and downloaded with no speed limits, all for free.

As for copyright infringement, Netkups’ policy is strict:

“We’d be fools not to worry about that. That’s why we have a serious DMCA policy, as well as a serious legal agreement. That said, we watch out for censorship and abuses of any kind.”

“People might not like seeing some things published, but that doesn’t mean all files should be removed. We care about everyone’s rights – not just users, not just creators,” Netkups’ founder added, clarifying the company’s stance to copyright infringement.

While the premium package offers several benefits – 2 GB upload size, simultaneous downloads, no ads, you can use Netkups for free as well.