The Pirate Helper: Improve Your Searching & Downloading Experince Instanly

The new tool introduces torrent search links for several websites including Pirate Bay, Demonoid, AllSubs, iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Google Torrent, and YouTube Trailer search links

Noah Keller (developer for Greasemonkey) has been working on a script called The Pirate Helper which adds search links to The Pirate Bay, Demonoid, AllSubs, Google Torrent, iMDB, and many others, making downloading easier and smarter.

After you install The Pirate Helper, you can search for a movie, read its reviews, watch the trailer, and even see the cast and crew. It also adds torrent search links for TPB (The Pirate Bay), Demonoid, AllSubs, Google Torrent, and YouTube Trailer. Some of its features cover automatic updates, auto remove torrents with zero seeds on TPB, UI Tweaks, and so on.

If you’re a Google Chrome user, visit the download page, press the “Install” button, and follow the steps presented to you. As for Firefox, before installing you need to add the Greasemonkey Extension.

Features of The Pirate Helper as listed on the site:

  • Automatically checks for updates daily, so you will always have the latest version;
  • Makes search form order by seeds highest to lowest by default on The Pirate Bay;
  • Auto removes torrents with 0 seeds on The Pirate Bay;
  • Random UI Tweaks on The Pirate Bay;
  • Adds The Pirate Bay, Google Torrent, Demonoid, AllSubs, and YouTube Trailer search links to iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and MovieFone;


  • When viewing a movie on iMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, if you click the favicon link it opens the results in a new tab;
  • To update this script manually, when you are on a website that supports it, right click on the Grease Monkey icon in the bottom right, then click on “User script commands…”, then click “Update ‘The Pirate Helper'” and wait a few seconds;