Hollywood Mash-up: Conan Smashes Pirates, Bieber Fights a Beaver, Titanic Doesn’t “Sink”

An impressive number of 2,165 anonymous pirates have been sued for allegedly downloading 2011’s Conan the Barbarian

The case was launched after a complaint filed on Friday to Maryland’s federal court, Hollywoodreporter.com writes.

The movie company is represented by Thomas Dunlap of the Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver, a law firm that preys on such cases. Dunlap’s firm is having quite the experience with suing thousands of individuals, as in the past they’ve brought to justice thousands of john-does in “The Expendables” case. The firm also represented small film studios, including producers of the Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker.

There are usually three steps taken in such cases, first filing a complaint against the alleged pirates, followed by a motion to subpoena ISPs to identify the anonymous downloaders. Last step is to send letters to the defendants with the purpose of convincing them to settle for a given amount of money or face the court of law.

• On the same note, Justin Bieber has filed a cease-and-desist letter to the creators of an Android game called “Joustin’ Beaver”. Bieber’s lawyers say that the application represents a “blatant violation” of Bieber’s publicity rights and trademarks. They want the game out of the Android Market, and also asked for a detailed accounting of sales.

• Avatar was Hollywood’s blockbuster, and one of the many marvels created by James Cameron. However, there were many attempts of suing James Cameron for allegedly “borrowing” ideas and “pasting” them to Avatar, but the latest claims infringement over Titanic (yes, that Titanic). A self-titled “princess” says that once she saw the movie on TV, she realized that Avatar ripped off her dialogue, character names and biographies, and, according to her sayings, can prove that Paramount had access to her work.